End of the journey, not really!

Hello lovelies! ❤

You know how people say, that to begin something new, there are some people or some habits or some places that you got to leave behind. That is what I am doing with this blog now! 😐

Why? I think this is the perfect time to take that next step towards making my dream become a reality. Though, this totally doesn’t mean that I am going to leave you people here, No! It was only you who are responsible for making me feel confident about my writings and now this is my time to serve you with more good. And so, I am from now moving over to http://www.standuptri.com/

Yes, I just got succeeded in purchasing my own hosting and finally make my self-hosted blog, actually website. 😀 Yayyy! And I sooo want you people to join me there in my new journey, because obviously you are important! ❤

So, I will from now see you guys there. And also you can find all of my posts that I have previously published here, on that website only. There is a slight possibility that I could have made some mistakes in here in this post, and all I can say is Please forgive me as I haven’t proofread this one 😛

And obviously, Thank you WordPress for giving me a platform to start off my journey with you 🙂

See you there! Lots of love ❤ And by the way, do not forget to subscribe to my website there, just a two-step process 😉